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Merdeka Day 2012 – A People Power Long Weekend

May the spirit of People Power live long and strong in Malaysia….. Can’t think of any other way to spend this weekend.

Lets get it on!!!


Thursday – Janji Demokrasi, Dataran Merdeka

Friday – Saturday, Goodbye KL Festival, Jalan Sultan



Sunday – Himpunan Hijau, Raub




Joker of the Year – 2 front runners

In recent weeks, amidst the rumble and scramble of trying to contain Bersih3.0, Himpunan3.0, #OccupyDataran & the #mahasiswa against #PTPTN on top of the already stretched-out bandwidth of trying to make Najib and his BN officials look less moronic, the high-paying PR firms must have been too busy to cover the KL Mayor and Election Commission (SPR) chairman offices.

These two monkeys have issued statement after statements of great entertainment value and are now (only in April) are already hot favourites for the “Joker of the Year” title.

Examples below (click the names for more from google search):

Ahmad Fuad Ismail (KL Mayor): ”  Dataran MERDEKA not venue for politics, dissent“.

Oi Mayor…. takde DISSENT and POLITICS mana kita boleh dapat MERDEKA in the first place? Bodoh!!!!


Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof (EC Chairman) : “EC chief: Our electoral roll is cleanest in the world

 The comparison to the once famous Iraqi “We are Winning” Minsiter is uncanny…. hehehe… Baghdad Bob indeed.

 Bloody fools but good for a few laughs lah…some more both also Tan Sri… bloody disgace… pity the other brilliant Tan Sri’s we know…. hahahahahahaha…


Addition (240412) : Read Haris’ post here. A bloody lying joker.


Why Bersih 3.0?

All the reasons have been stated and valid. You can google and read.

For delCapo… it comes down to this:

The Election Commission (SPR) is NOT independent.

Not only is it not independent like it should be, it is the tool used by Najib’s Barisan Nasional government to corrupt Malaysia’s democracy. 

delCapo has been calling for their suspension in August 2011.

 So cut the bullshit, Najib… as long as the EC is what it is today, any elections you call will be an insult to the people.

That is why Bersih 3.0 (40 countries involved, no less) will be the biggest ever…. and you will feel the rakyat’s wrath.



Keep your toxic shit to yourselves, Lynas and Mitsubishi !!

Last Sunday was a damn good outing at Maju Junction…. 3,000 strong and mostly young and energetic.


Kuantan had 15,000. Penang, Bukit Merah, KK had their crowds too.


The question is very simple:

- Where will the toxic soil be dumped after the good stuff have been extracted and $$ have been made??

In Malaysia?

Sorry… no fucken way… thank you… please take them ALL back…. better still… DON”T FUCKEN BRING THEM HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

In fact, Lynas…. get the fuck out of Malaysia and STAY the FUCK OUT!

And Misubishi… after the Bukit Merah fuck up back in the 80s, you have just bought into Lynas?

Mitsubishi – FUCK OFF TOO!!

This is our land… we don’t want your toxic shit.


Najib, Adnan Yaakob, Liow Tiong Lai and all you muthafucking pieces of shit who is backing Lynas and Mitsubishi as $$whores$$… i hope your asses start rotting and your dicks fall off once Lynas is in operations and destroying a generation of Malaysians’ lives.

This is NOT politics… this is life and lives are at stake.

I’ll let my homie Namewee finish you guys off here:


Quote of d day : Nazri “May 13 and London Riots justify Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011″

LMFAO!! ahahahahaha…. that was my first reaction when I read the sms news.

Seriously, “Nazridiocy” at it’s best again.

Mr Taxi king… a language question – “Riot” vs “Demonstration / Protest”. Use a dictionary lah.

Which part of any of the Bersih, Anti-ISA, Lawyer’s Walks, Anti-Lynas, Occupy Dataran, Hindraf, Malaysian’s for Teoh Bang Hock / Death in Custody… even our good friends Perkasa’s demonstrations, protests had any HINT of RIOT in them? Which one?

The closest thing to a riot all those assemblies has was the platoons of RIOT police (FRU) the government deployed. The only violence was from their batons, shields, kicks, punches and water cannons.

When people walk and express their support or displeasure in public, it’s called FREEDOM.

When motherfuckers go chopping up their neighbours, or break into shops, start fire, steal goods… it’s called CRIME.

In both the May 13 and London riots the problem were NOT about what laws or regulations the country had… it’s about some deep social issues.



Now, a logic question – you seriously think your all-mighty Peaceful Assembly Bill 2011 could have STOPPED May13 or the London riots?

Those rioters were going to stop and think “hang on a second…. the Peaceful Assembly thing say cannot lah… better stay at home and forget about going out to chop the fellas down the road”… or “blimey, there’s a law that say we disnae going oot and break them shop windows and steal them iPads and TVs like.. better we just go to the pub and have a peaceful pint, no? 



Lastly, the best part of Nazridiocy is… the lies or the lack of facts.

“To strengthen his view, Nazri cited the London riots, which led to the ban on street demonstrations by the British government” – news

Erhem… Fact is – the British government only imposed  “A 30-day ban on protest marches  in five ‘troubled’ boroughs of London.”

Nice try, bozo.




291111 Walk4Freedom – Pictures

Commentary not required…




291111 Walk4Freedom – Head Scratching moments

Not quite paranormal activites but sometimes I do wonder if these people are from the same planet.

Head Scratch #1

A bunch of youths (i’m talking non-voting age) showed up mysteriously off a coach with freshly unwrapped plain yellow t-shirts worn over whatever they were wearing when they left their homes…. “joined” the crowd at Lake Club when the 100+ rest of us gathered for the #Walk4Freedom led by the Bar Council.

They were strangely out of place and didn’t look comfortable…. and disappeared before the march after posing for photos to the press and bloggers.

When the main #Walk4Freedom group were rallying in front of the bridge towards parliament… a group of 50-60 Perkasa, Pekida on the other side started burning some stuff and cheering… HANG ON! The same t-shirts and banners that those youths had before burnt by the same buggers wearing them!!!! hahahaha…

Shiok Sendiri lah tu….

Head Scratch #2

In the spirit of #Walk4Freedom, Pekida and Perkasa fellas had every right to be there and do whatever they want peacefully.

They can indeed shout and sing anything they want, really.

Pekida + Perkasa - demonstrating in support of a "No Demonstration" law

However… they were screaming their heads off IN SUPPORT OF THE PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY BILL !!

I repeat…. IN SUPPORT of the bill. The same one that will make whatever crap they were doing right then… err. ILLEGAL!!

What was that song from the 90’s again?…. “Things that make you go hmmm..”


KLCC – Peaceful Assembly, Public Protest and BERSIH too!

Hot and sunny Saturday afternoon… at Malaysia’s premier shopping mall and national icon… packed with locals and tourists… what did the KLCC management “coincidentally” decided to do?

Chin Huat saw the poetic irony in it too…. i was trying not to shake too much laughing and taking his pic.

The rest of the time was about a peaceful assembly, peaceful but strong public protest against a restrictive Bill and the ugly action of the government in trying to rush it through….


Until tonight at Dataran Merdeka, until we walk with the lawyers on Tuesday to Parliament to “let them hear it LOUD and CLEAR”.



Ariff says it best =

#Occupy and people's assembly


Tipu Malaysia… now “better” than Myanmar

The current government’s strategy – 2 steps forward for a photo session and nice headlines, then 5 steps back on the fine lines.

1) Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA) to be amended to allow students above 21 to participate in political activities.While the AG appeal against the case that was recently rule for the “UKM4″ students (same subject, same Act)

2) Printing Press and Publication Act – partial repeal. Regulations requiring annual renewal of press and publication licenses to be removed.
BUT – The home minister still have absolute power to decide on and  issue licences, on the conditions for the licences, and removal of licences. The Home Minister’s decision still cannot be challenged in court.

3) Police Act – to be repealed! – Hooray…. BUT (read below).
Lets put it this way – Myanmar (Yes, MYANMAR) just passed their own version of a Peaceful Assembly Bill… guess what? They have more freedom than us!!

Can’t wait to see the 2 replacements for ISA and EA… sure terror one!
For now… lets LET THEM HEAR IT!!!…
In Peaceful Assembly form lah.
Friday 25Nov 7.30pm – Candlight Vigil at Bar Council.
Saturday, 25Nov 2pm – KLCC Park
Saturday, 25Nov 7.30pm – Dataran Merdeka (will stay for the weekly #occupydataran assembly)
Also on Sat, Overseas Malaysians have also planned a GLOBAL ACTION DAY – 12 cities so far!!


Revolution by Occupation

click to join us !!

Fahmi Reza has started our version of Tahrir Square, Cairo. Puerta del Sol Square, Madrid. Syntagma Square, Athens… follow #OccupyDataran on Twitter and on Facebook.

Here’s the latest of inspirations from an unlikely source – Tel Aviv, Israel.

I’ve always said I’ve got no issues with Jews or even Israelis… just the damn government.

The “Tent Demonstration” of Tel Aviv shows PEOPLE POWER last Saturday!!

More coverage here and here.

Check out the latest “Revolution by Occupation”

and this is a fucken funny clip to put the shoe into Israeli PM’s mouth.


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