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Dirtiest week in Malaysian History???

Received this in an email.

Spammed it out to all that I know… at the same time PRAYING and HOPING the content is untrue or will not come true.

If you agree with me, please do the same.

ABU’s video here is in line with the email.


_____________________Content of the Email___________________________

Email , post on FB / Twitter / Blogs this message to as many voters as possible.

translate into Chinese/ Tamil / Bahasa / Iban if you can.

SMS the following to as many voters as possible:

PRU13 – BN has received report that they will lose. Now the campaign will get dirtier, including all media carrying content to incite fear and hatred. The Rakyat must counter this by staying clam, vote early and vote in full force on 5th May. Inikalilah!! Pls send to as many people as possible.

Rumour from a source privy to BN’s internal intelligence Report as of last weekend (28 April),
The report stated –  BN will lose majority seats in Parliament … Pakatan Rakyat will win enough seats to form the new Federal Government.

So starts what will be dirtier than an already dirty campaign for PRU13.

Among the rumoured desperate last gasp moves by UMNO/BN will include:

1) Create shortage of supply at markets and supermarkets – cooking oil, sugar, rice, salt etc… to propagate the feeling of people storing up in case of Emergency.

2) Broadcast the film “Tanda Putera” (about May13, 1969) on ALL mainstream TV and cable stations starting Thursday/Friday (2nd/3rd May 2013) to incite anger among the Malays and fear among the non-malays.
Hoping to keep urban non-malay voters at home on polling day… and also inciting the unthinkable come 6th May if BN loses power.

Besides the content, the timing of this is simply EVIL!!
To Counter this, watch Tunku Abdul Rahman’s last speech in the videos.
more vids on Tunku’s last speech.

3) Creating more politically motivated violent incidents around the country.

4) Playing up (even more) on the DAP + PAS issues in the media.

5) Release more fabricated “evidence” and “scandals” to discredit Pakatan Rakyat candidates, leaders and members of prominent anti-BN civil society members.
We pray that  the above rumours are just rumours. We really do.
However, if BN really does push for any or all of them, we (THE RAKYAT) must counter it.
The PEOPLE must do our part to prevent BN from succeeding.
Show them – the people no longer fear them nor are taken in by such dirty tricks… they should RESPECT and FEAR the people!!
Tell all our friends and family!!
On 5th May, regardless of what would have been in the media and happening around us, we MUST come out and vote in full force, and we must vote without fear!!
Vote early, vote in full force!!
At all time, stay clam but firm!!!

People Power must prevail in this historical week!!

Hidup Rakyat!!

Email , post on FB / Twitter the above message to as many voters as possible.
SMS the following to as many voters as possible:
PRU13 – BN has received report that they will lose. Now the campaign will get dirtier, including all media carrying content to incite fear and hatred. The Rakyat must counter this by staying clam, vote early and vote in full force on 5th May. Inikalilah!! Pls send to as many people as possible.


Not difficult…

  • - Hang around after you have casted your vote. Have friends and family with you to make a good social event out of it.
  • - Watch out for any suspicious persons or buses or activities.
  • - Document them
  • - KICK SOME ASS if you have to =]

I look forward to a great Sunday on 050513.





GE 13, Year 2013 – a “NO” campaign

Latest news is that the loooong awaited GE 13  in the year 2013 will finally be on 14th of April.

DOn’t take my word for it… but that’s what the insiders are pretty cock sure about now.

13 on 140413…. if it really happens on that date…. at least we can say there’s 1 side of Jibby that is definitely progressive. He is not superstitious… hehehehe.

Whatever the date may turn out to be… it has to happen soon enough.

All the (our) money BN has been spending and giving out… all the good news (government and corporate)… all the MANISFESTOs from both sides of the political divide trying to convince us they actually have a plan and have us believe they will actually carry it out with the rakyat at heart.

Lets save all the effort trying to digest all the long stories bullshit, my fellow Malaysians…. lets make it very simple.

Lets just make it all about saying “NO”.

“NO” to BN.

THanks to PSY and Jibby in Penang… the “NO” campaign has already started…. and gaining traction on it’s own too, most recently in Melaka trust our 2 historical prides to start it too!!.. check out this video

Lets do it… it sounds, at the very least, fun and brainless enough….

From now til GE13, lets attend any BN ceremahs or events and shout with gusto (in harmony if you like) – NOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!

25 years ago… the Chilean national plebiscite – a national referendum held to determine whether or not dictator Augusto Pinochet would extend his rule for another eight-year term in office. It was held on 5 October 1988. The “No” side won with 55.99% of the vote, ending Pinochet’s 16½ years in power.

A film has been made about that PEOPLE POWER campaign 25 years ago that liberated the Chileans. This film was nominated for Oscars this year.

Here’s the trailer.

Catch the film if you can, my fellow PEOPLE POWER Malaysians…. be inspired by a simple idea and action – VOTE “NO”

More importantly, go home and VOTE this coming elections….

VOTE “NO” to BN… that means… vote ANYTHING BUT BN

Bring BN down!!!!!




Green battles

People Power is strong and good in Malaysia. Make no mistake about it – Civil societies, NGOs, NGIs fighting in the name of love for our rights, our land, our country.

There are a few green battles being fought – Against the Cyanide-using Australian gold mine in Raub, the Dialog-led RAPID crap in Pengerang, some nuclear ambitions Najib and Co have to line their ever thirsty wallets, and of course that Lynas plant in Kuantan by (again) an Australian company.

 Despite Bukit Merah, despite Fukushima… our fucked up politicians, their  business cronies + these fucked up foreign countries who thinks Malaysia is a dumping ground for shit they cannot do in their home soil are still pressing ahead with one project after another that brings nothing (not even good jobs and tax revenue) but environmental and health risk to our land and our people.

Well… we are not backing down, muthafuckas.

The latest is Himpunan Hijau‘s green walk from Kuantan to Putrajaya. It’s on now…. pls support them anyway you can!


If you have some spare change…. one of things to do is to whack that Lynas share price.
 WHACK IT!!! Make it slide!!

Lynas Share 6 month history. ATTACK!!





Merdeka Day 2012 – A People Power Long Weekend

May the spirit of People Power live long and strong in Malaysia….. Can’t think of any other way to spend this weekend.

Lets get it on!!!


Thursday – Janji Demokrasi, Dataran Merdeka

Friday – Saturday, Goodbye KL Festival, Jalan Sultan



Sunday – Himpunan Hijau, Raub




14 August 2012 – Internet Blackout day

YES to Freedom of Expression

NO to Evidence (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 2012


Why Bersih 3.0?

All the reasons have been stated and valid. You can google and read.

For delCapo… it comes down to this:

The Election Commission (SPR) is NOT independent.

Not only is it not independent like it should be, it is the tool used by Najib’s Barisan Nasional government to corrupt Malaysia’s democracy. 

delCapo has been calling for their suspension in August 2011.

 So cut the bullshit, Najib… as long as the EC is what it is today, any elections you call will be an insult to the people.

That is why Bersih 3.0 (40 countries involved, no less) will be the biggest ever…. and you will feel the rakyat’s wrath.



Keep your toxic shit to yourselves, Lynas and Mitsubishi !!

Last Sunday was a damn good outing at Maju Junction…. 3,000 strong and mostly young and energetic.


Kuantan had 15,000. Penang, Bukit Merah, KK had their crowds too.


The question is very simple:

- Where will the toxic soil be dumped after the good stuff have been extracted and $$ have been made??

In Malaysia?

Sorry… no fucken way… thank you… please take them ALL back…. better still… DON”T FUCKEN BRING THEM HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

In fact, Lynas…. get the fuck out of Malaysia and STAY the FUCK OUT!

And Misubishi… after the Bukit Merah fuck up back in the 80s, you have just bought into Lynas?

Mitsubishi – FUCK OFF TOO!!

This is our land… we don’t want your toxic shit.


Najib, Adnan Yaakob, Liow Tiong Lai and all you muthafucking pieces of shit who is backing Lynas and Mitsubishi as $$whores$$… i hope your asses start rotting and your dicks fall off once Lynas is in operations and destroying a generation of Malaysians’ lives.

This is NOT politics… this is life and lives are at stake.

I’ll let my homie Namewee finish you guys off here:


901 – beyond Anwar.. it’s ABU time.

901 – all the hoohah about Anwar. For the records (again), delCapo thinks Anwar is more useful in Jail than out.

Honestly, for the sake of Anwar and Pakatan… 901 is a gift from UMNO/BN.

Whatever the verdict may be, Najib’s UMNO/BN is in a no-win situation.

If Anwar is not guilty, UMNO/BN will be ridiculed. There may be months of appeals and wayang (to revent public outcry) and finally maybe they jail him afterall or they let it go. Whatever it is, they look like fucken idiots.

If Anwar is found guilty…. appeals notwithstanding, bail situation depending… Reformasi 2.0 one way or another, in one form or another, WILL happen.

Then the question of “WHO TAKES OVER?”

The intellectuals and idealists would like to think that this is an opportunity to finally say “IT DOESN’T MATTER”, and see us heading towards the right direction of non-iconic politics. Let the period of struggle be held by old guards like Tok Guru, Kit Siang, Hadi Awang, Karpal, Kak Wan…. while the likes of Nizar, Guan Eng,  Mat Sabu, Dr Dzul, Khalid Ibrahim, Khalid Samad, Nurul Izzah, Tony Pua, Malik Imtiaz, Gobind Singh, Ngeh, Nga etc … step up into leading positions. People Power will truly blossom.

Alas, this is Malaysia… the bulk of the crowd (not just rural) needs a HERO, needs an icon. It’s also the reason why 901 is a godsend… coz PR and Anwar were losing the status as the rakyat got numb, bored and tired of the same old shit.

So who’s the next HERO? Azmin Ali is so obvious a choice that it stinks. He is one Anwar trusts to ensure Anwar is still the real icon. He is the deputy president of PKR. He’s been at the forefront of their “struggle” over the years and has had his fair share of hero stories etc etc…

If there’s betting pool (as some of my comrades jokingly suggested), Azmin Ali’s odds will be more ridiculous than betting on “will Rosie be ugly today”. Sure – Nurul Izzah’s name has been floated. Why not throw  Ku Li, Khalid Ibrahim… even RPK into the pools. The bets will still be overwhelmingly Azmin.

delCapo’s problem is (besides personally not liking his face and think nothing of his leadership quality) – Azmin Ali is basically Anwar 2.0. Minus the charm and the brain power.

He will be fried in no time by UMNO. Corruption, ridiculous scandals, pictures, videos, allegations… you name it, they will come out. In fact, to save production costs, they probably already exist and in store!!! and you know what? Azmin WILL fall… and FAST. The NGOs, civil societies, students and even his fellow Pakatan colleagues aint’t gonna fight for him as hard…..and then what?

UMNO/BN knows this… and that’s why the most likely scenario will be –  jail Anwar… let shit hit the fan big time… let Pakatan, under the “leadership” of Azmin, struggle abit…. then whack him… and in the midst of it win GE13.

delCapo dares suggest this. It’s not rocket science, and it’s not original. Just wanna say it in my own words.


The one person that can unite (1) The support of the old guards of PR, (2) the comradeship of the next generation, solid leaders of PR, (3) the voices and masses from bloggers, NGOs, independents, civil society members, students (4) international interests (young, woman, daughter of jailed reformist), and (5) the sympathy mass of fence sitting voters who look for icons – NURUL IZZAH. NOT Azmin nor anyone else.

The one person who can withstand any shithole scandals UMNO/BN can cook up or any internal sabotage that may happen – NURUL IZZAH. NOT Azmin nor anyone else. No shit can stick to this girl… really.

Look at it from another angle:

  • - What’s the biggest  problem faced by People Power movements like Kill the Bill, Bersih 2.0, Occupy Dataran, anti-AUKU,  ABU (Asalkan Bukan UMNO/BN or Anything But Umno/BN)? Not reaching the mass of fence sitting masses.
  • - What’s the problem with HEROES that these fence sitting masses like to vote for? The NGOs, students, middle class, civil society members most probably cannot stand them.

Nurul Izzah is the answer.

So listen up Kit Siang, Hadi and whoever PR top guns who will have a say in who “takes over” Anwar – Forget about Anwar’s personal choice (it’s bloody obvious)… think about the opportunity to truly ignite the ABU spirit AND get the fence sitters’s votes on board.

Never before has there such an opportunity, timing, and such a suitable choice of candidate – NURUL IZZAH.

So let injustice be in the air.

So let Anwar once again be the icon of a struggle. Jail him!

It’s time to move on, beyond Anwar, beyond the old ways.

It’s time to turbo speed ABU.




Something’s up

Noticed how Jibby’s been missing and Muyyidin’s been on turbo charged public appearances?

Noticed how 2011 – 2012 NYE People Power movements were headed by 1) students (TanJung Malim), 2)middleclass (KLCC +LRT), and 3) an Occupy movement (#occupydataran)??

RPK going bonkers and now an official turncoat. Really?

Something’s up, comrades… Dunno what’s up but something is up. It’s never so simple and it will not be dull :)
Whatever’s up.. We wait for them to come.. Or we keep on walking?
DelCapo walks…

Happy People’s Power 2012!!
If u think 2011 was exciting.. 2012 will rock your socks off? Yeah!!!!!


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