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My fellow Malaysians – can you live with this PM & Mrs PM??

They say ” Behind Every Successful man is a woman…”…. Nobody said anything about “Evil”, “Greedy”…. or sitting in ministerial meetings to scoop business deals!!!!


politics, him... business, me... capice?

Question: Ever googled for images of the following key words? -“Najib”, “Abdullah Badawi”, “Mahathir”, “Hussein Onn”, “Tun Razak”, “Tunku Abdul Rahman”….

  • try it (go through the first 3 -4 pages of  images)… see the difference in results???

Now… the wives of Tunku, Razak & Hussein Onn may not be widely available on the internet …. try googling images of “Badawi Endon”, “Mahathir Siti Hasmah” & “Najib Rosmah”

  • See the difference again???

Here r some samples.



aab-endonMalaysia PM's Nuptials


You tell delCapo…. do we have a problem??

Setting aside, for a moment, whether we want Najib to be our PM (this topic is well covered in Malaysia-Today’s corridors of power & no hold barred… People’s Parliament etc… latest  here)

rosmahhdelCapo’s quetion is…..  DO YOU WANT THIS WOMAN TO BE YOUR PRIME-MINISTER’S WIFE!?!?!?!….

Imagine her representing our beloved country to local & international events… rubbing shoulders with world leaders & their partners…. ARRRGGGHHHH!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not asking for Mrs Universe, Princess Diana  or Mother Teresa…. just one who doesn’t ooze of evil & greed….



JIBBY, maybe you can swallow all of these….. maybe  you can even swallow that evil big mama you call wife???

We, Rakyat of Malaysia….. Anak Bangsa Malaysia…. certainly CANNOT!!





ISA – the essentials part II

isa-for-children-02Part I of our discussions was posted a week ago here.

Last Sunday, we had a part II, which dwelved into arguments FOR and AGAINST a law such as the Internal Security Act (ISA)…. and how we, as the rakyat, must make a decision…. and carry out actions!!

In 1987, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi: “Laws such as the Internal Security Act have no place in modern Malaysia. It is a draconian and barbaric law.”

In 2003 Prime Minister Abdullah called the ISA:
“a necessary law,” and argued “We have never misused the Internal Security Act. All those detained under the Internal Security Act are proven threats to society.”

2008, Rear Admiral (R) Tan Sri K. Thanabalasingam :
“If the government decides to do away with the ISA, an “Anti-Terrorism Act” should be enacted to check the worldwide terrorism threat. This act should be very specific and clear in its intent and should be used only for this purpose.
The ISA has mutated in its use over the past 30 years or so and is now being used for what it was never intended.”

Another MP who never forgets his No to ISA badge

Another MP who never forgets his "No to ISA" badge

Wanna read more?….. download the slides isa-the-essentials-part-II

also check out :

Wanna know more?? Watch this space, and other fellow blogs for updates on when & where the next session will be.

Bring friends & family for a good Sunday evening of knowing more about a topic that has gained so much publicity (thru RPK, Hindraf5, GMI) but perhaps still very much lack the public knowledge of it.


just for kicks? or more to it?

Malaysiakini’s full report here.

the lunch meeting that is the current talk of the town

the lunch meeting that is the current talk of the town

Lah, WTF!?!?!?!

Lah, WTF!?!?!?!

lets “ease” his misery…. sign this PETITION.


Undenial Quote of d Day – classic AABzzz

Will he or will he not??

When asked if he will continue to stay on as PM after 31 March 2009.. a normal straight answer will be “NO, I will not” or “Yes, I will”.

What was AAbzzz’s answer? “Well, there was this plan that I have made, so we have to follow the plan…”…. errr…. which plan??  The one Rosie is dying for or is there another in the brew??

Classic Undenial statement, no?


Who says Pak Lah been quiet??

maybe AABzzz hasn’t said much in public lately…. why bother? Let PM-in-cannot-waiting-no-more go shooting everyone & himself…. let that PM-wannabe go spend all his $$ buying political mileage & back firing…. pi lah, Jib.. buat apa apa suka hati hang…

BUT delCapo would not call this quiet:

You think he set this website up for Jibby or DSAI or anyother  future PM???….

Your silence is defeaning, AABzzz… for this round, delCapo actually LIKES your style…..

Jom, lets go send some comments/ feedback…. tell him he sleeps too much, tell him his SIL is a sleazy nobody-like numbskull…. most of all, tell him to send more heat onto Jibby & Rosie by NOT being in a hurry to step down as PM (Jibby MUST clear all his shits before he can be PM)…. hahahaha… JOM!


Pak Lah’s [delayed] reactions to PWTC visit by Hindraf

This is what I call “Talk Cock Like Sing Song”….

btw… funny how it took AABzzz almost a week to react…hahahahaha

I hope you stay on for the UMNO elections, AABzzz I really do… I wanna to see how ugly it gets…. I wanna see some real fucken fire works!!

This is PEOPLE POWER…. not just loud & violence… but restrained forceful… something you geezers just would not comprehend….

Malaysiakini reports (delCapo’s comments in Red)

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getting crowded at UMNO Hill? all (f)or nothing…

Previously delCapo ask “Will Ku Li still challenge for No. 1 if AABzzz steps down gives way to Najib?”

Reading about Ali Rustam, Zahid Hamidi’s recent declarations that they are contesting the No.2 spot…. got delCapo thinking again…

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Mission accomplished!! – a little adventure to PWTC for Raya Open House

Malaysiakini’s Andew Ong did a good story with pix on our “Bloggers/Activitst” adventure here.

Time/Place : 1130am, 011008, PWTC, UMNO Raya Open House

Mission: Meet AABzzz and send the message in his face “Free RPK” !! “NO to ISA” !!


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Will Ku Li still contest?

Today’s “big” news is of course the fact that UMNO supreme council has posponed their AGM to March….

Despite all the cover up & politeness…. the bottomline is clear – these are the last days of AABzzz as PM…

He can fumble & cover all he wants… his 2010 transition plan has been thrown to feed the fishes…. any other country, this is the end…. but then this is UMNO…. it takes a little longer lah…. his so-called integrity & dignity to be preserved (honestly, what fucken dignity & integrity are we talking about???? nevermind….)

So…Najib has a supposingly clear path to UMNO presidency, most probably with Muhyiddin as deputy…. & what he envision would Prime Minister of Malaysia ….. or, does he??

delCapo has a few obvious questions:

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Weekend bits….

Overjoyed that St Teresa is a free woman…. i was in a meeting when the flood of sms came in after Malaysiakini’s sms information 10 minutes after her actual release….. just read all the blogs about her PC at DAP HQ & the things she said….I’m truly inspired by her strength & courage…. the rakyat is a better place with the return of our own St Teresa!

HANG IN THERE, RPK!!!!!!!!! nice article, btw….. kekekeke….. they must be thinking…. macam mana, ek? sudah tangkap, laptop sudah chiongkong… pun boleh blog lagi….

Check out Najib’s bullshit on Teresa’s release

Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak hopes that the release of Seputeh member of parliament Teresa Kok from the Internal Security Act (ISA) today will help subdue the furore over detentions under the Act.
The deputy prime minister said he welcomed Kok’s release if the police felt that it was the appropriate thing to do.
“It’s the police’s decision and I welcome it if it’s apt. At the same time, it shows that the government places importance on peace and security in the country,” he told reporters after the handing over of “zakat” (tithe) for the Pekan parliamentary constituency here”

MahChowHai!!….. that’s NOT even a good spin, Najis!! u guys really talk alot of fucken shit, u know that?????

Read Patrick Teoh Niamah! one of my favourite blogs… a reader accusing him of being a racist & “excite racial hatred” in his postings…..  whoever u r, muthafucker…. go suck a banana & stop idolising the Talk Cock King of Malaysia – Botak, ok? Fuck off! If Patrick can be branded a racist, my ass is purple, Eddie Murphy is KuKluxKlan & Najis is a virgin….. go figure…. NIAMAH indeed!

On the otherhand…. UMNO is getting less & less warm & fuzzy uh?…. AABzzz…. no worries! always remember your cosmic twin, former Iraqi Information Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf… but i think u hv quite away to go to inspire a website dedicated to him ….. charisma counts a lot lah….hahahahaha!!!!!!!!

We are winning!

We are winning!


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