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Najib’s current dream purchase – a Time Machine

The heat of becoming the next Prime Minister of Malaysia must be unbearable!!!

We’ve  had  jets, copters, sub marines,…. Can the French or Russian built Jibby a Time Machine?

He is soooo close… yet so far … to become Malaysia’s 6th Prime Minister:

What’s interesting?….

He has washed hands off the 3 by elections…. conveniently passing the ball to Muyiddin & the 3 VPs… no one has seen him campaigning in any of the 3 seat areas thus far.
Moreover, he has gotten PDRM to command Pakatan Rakyat – No “Altantuya” or no permit.-

  • Jibby, scared ah???? ahahahahaha

His” friendly” bloggers have been busy covering his ass by diverting attention from him… one of them, a newly re-elected Press Club pres, even gone to pass the ball to Sultan Azlan Shah by saying Bukit Gantang is an “Anwar vs Sultan” by election!!!

  • hahahahaha!!!…. Oi! delCapo just spent 3 days in Bukit Gantang lah…. It’s all about Nizar Nizar Nizar….. even Anwar, Najib, Tuanku were not mentioned much… let alone seen battling it out.
  • Anwar just came back from overseas lah… & i think you fellas have certainly used the Tuanku’s name often enough…..
  • What utter rubbish!!! hahahahaha…. funny though… nice try!
  • NAJIB CANNOT RUN AWAY FROM THE 3 BY-ELECTIONS!!! no mater how you spin it!!

So…. is Najib

  • Conceding defeat???
  • Too busy “making sure” he gets to be PM??? or
  • Just plain whimpy & wishes he can jump into a time machine & head to the future….. whenever… when he is sitting on the PM’s chair & being serviced like a king by some…. erhem!

I think campaigning & waiting is getting just too damn hard for poor Jibby.

All the same.. WE DO NOT WANT YOU TO BE PM!!!

Lets hope the King will help us out…. DAULAT TUANKU!!!


Would you like to have a PM held by the balls??


Front 2: Superbly elegant Royal Couple

!! Daulat Tuanku!!

Next Couple : Sleepy + Happy… not too bad

3rd couple : WOMAN HELD MAN BY THE BALLS (look closely at the pic)


Say NO!! to them as the next Mr & Mrs PM!!!!!!!!!!



P59 Bkt Gantang – Walk with Nizar, Port Weld

Barisan Rakyat team  had the chance to walk with P59 Pakatan Rakyat/PAS candidate – MB Nizar… accompanied by Kuala Sepetang Adun Tai Sing Ng around the historical Port Weld main areas.


Have you ever seen a man who gets warm & love from every baby/kid he picks up?


Who is the last politician you know inspires an old apek who can hardly walk to insist on getting up & out to greet him?


Who inspired schoolgirl giggles from 2 grown nurses after having their pix taken?


Who politely rings the bell before entering a police station & had them stand in attention the whole time (even though they don’t recognise him as MB anymore)


How many you know can make his 2 political rivals stay as he was Imam for a maghrib session? (ask Zambry & Muyiddin)?

Even the RTM & Bernama guys who were covering the Port Weld walk were touched would have found it hard to spin a biased story for their masters.

We were SO impressed by him that we gave him one of our Anak Bangsa Malaysia t-shirts in the end…. which he sportingly put on immediately!


*Salute* Dato Ser !! You are truly, a People’s Man….

Bukit Gantang…. lets send Nizar to Parliament to kick ass for you, for  Perakians & for all anak anak Bangsa Malaysia!!

delCapo let the pix below speak for themselves…. even more pix on Picasa.

Haris & Zorro had an inspired posting each too!

thx Nanda and Mx for being excellent camera crew

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P59 Bkt Gantang – scenes & tales from Port Weld

The only "sign" of history left

The only "sign" of history left


  • Port Weld was renamed Kuala Sepetang during Sultan Idris rule. (anyone know the date?)
  • The first ever rail way in Malaysia was built from Port Weld to Taiping.
  • It is, AND should be honoured, as one of Malaysia’s heritage sites.

This predominantly chinese area has some of the friendliest but independent minded people you will ever meet.

300309-port-weld-scenes-5_sIt remains a vibrant fishery town with some of the most deliscious Tau Fu Fa, Mee Udang, Mee Kari & Pau you can find.

Some of the issues they face today after years of BN rule (PKR only took over the state seat in 2008):

  • Approx. 200  fishermen have not gotten their fishing license for years… apparently only NOW (this week) has BN, led by Ong Tee Kiat promise that they will get theirs SOON!
  • The local masjid, the only one here, is seeing renovation & road tarring for the FIRST time in 50 years… again, this week.
  • Many live in houses on TOL land, which have NOT been renewed for more than 15 years… The Pakatan Rakyat state government was gonna arrange freeholdtitles for them.
  • The Pakatan Rakyat government was also in the midst of consulting with the residents on some land adjustments to accomodate new housing & infrastructure  for them.
  • The neglect of Port Weld as a historical town is suspicious…. as rumours of a major development company, backed by BN, is eyeing much of the land for their own development (maybe THEN will Port Weld get it’s deserved status, but NOT benefitting the locals… maybe)
  • The locals have been depending on boats to cross the river to a part known only as “Kuay Kang” in Hokkien (Cross River)… they have been waiting for a bridge… which Pakatan Rakyat has planned for… now hijacked by BN as part of their election promise… as per other election promises.
  • Sathival, a local chap, told us about some locals living in extreme poverty & offered to take us to visit them… we ran out of time as Sathival had to attend to something…. shall follow-up!
a stolen promise?

a stolen promise?

Port Weld will always be Port Weld to most…. lets hope the locals get what they deserve… & soon… not just empty election promises.

Haris & Zorro had an inspired posting each too!

more pix of  scenes from Port Weld within….

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Dedicated Page for each 07Apr By-Election Campaign

For Coverage of each of the By elections, pls click on each of the page…

SMS Campaigns LAUNCHED!!

So has BN’s “money for votes” schemes !!!

Batang AI N29 *UPDATED* 030409

Bukit Selembau N25 *UPDATED* 030409

Bukit Gantang P59 *UPDATED* 030409

Active blogs to watch out for during the ByElection campaigns:


PEOPLE of Batang Ai, Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau…



FUND RAISING – For all those who have asked if they can contribute to our efforts… pls email me on “how”.

Thank you!


Bukit Selambau By Election – lets cut all the craps!!!


1) A fruitful discussion/debate on going in the comments below….. worth reading.

2) also read this article – Hindraf giving MIC a walkover by -Senthil & Revadhi


original post:

Received  an Email from Naragan regarding the Bukit Selambau By Election. bukit-selambau

Heartfelt honesty from a person who is obviously deeply passionate.

delCapo agrees with much of the email…. especially the parts whereby Anwar & PR SHOULD NEVER fall back into croynism & all the shits we are kicking BN for. NEVER!!

BUT…. let’s be focus…. the task ahead is tough as it is…. do NOT make it any harder.

We can continue whacking Anwar & PR for the choice of candidates, the internal politics they have to go through… blah blah blah…. BUT Lets NOT forget what we are trying to do here -

WIN THE SEAT on 07 April 2009!!!

delCapo, in one day… heard/read about couple of distrubing developments:

Makkal Sakthi comrades’ luke warm efforts to head out to Bukit Selembau & help with the campaign because they are STILL unhappy with the candidate….

  • Brothers & sisters, you can be unhappy & please do not stop letting PR know…
  • BUT… you will make a stronger statement by supporting the campaign & play a big part in PR winning the seat, despite your protest…. rather than protesting & NOT supporting the campaign at all!!!
  • Help win the seat… THEN whack Anwar & PR til the cows come home…. then whack some more!!
  • Please… go in FULL FORCE… BN/MIC is the common enemy!!!

Multiple independent candidates to be nominated

  • up to 11 of them (last count).… for a state seat by election!!!!
  • WTF!?!?!?! unless you are (1) a BN planted independent, (2) a true independent independent hoping to make some quick cash out of BN who might come to “buy you out” at some point….
  • BACK  OFF!!! Don’t come in & split the votes!!! This is NOT the time to be attention seekers!!!

We ALL know the problems….. lets start being part of the SOLUTION!!!




Naragan’s Email in Full below:

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My fellow Malaysians – can you live with this PM & Mrs PM??

They say ” Behind Every Successful man is a woman…”…. Nobody said anything about “Evil”, “Greedy”…. or sitting in ministerial meetings to scoop business deals!!!!


politics, him... business, me... capice?

Question: Ever googled for images of the following key words? -“Najib”, “Abdullah Badawi”, “Mahathir”, “Hussein Onn”, “Tun Razak”, “Tunku Abdul Rahman”….

  • try it (go through the first 3 -4 pages of  images)… see the difference in results???

Now… the wives of Tunku, Razak & Hussein Onn may not be widely available on the internet …. try googling images of “Badawi Endon”, “Mahathir Siti Hasmah” & “Najib Rosmah”

  • See the difference again???

Here r some samples.



aab-endonMalaysia PM's Nuptials


You tell delCapo…. do we have a problem??

Setting aside, for a moment, whether we want Najib to be our PM (this topic is well covered in Malaysia-Today’s corridors of power & no hold barred… People’s Parliament etc… latest  here)

rosmahhdelCapo’s quetion is…..  DO YOU WANT THIS WOMAN TO BE YOUR PRIME-MINISTER’S WIFE!?!?!?!….

Imagine her representing our beloved country to local & international events… rubbing shoulders with world leaders & their partners…. ARRRGGGHHHH!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not asking for Mrs Universe, Princess Diana  or Mother Teresa…. just one who doesn’t ooze of evil & greed….



JIBBY, maybe you can swallow all of these….. maybe  you can even swallow that evil big mama you call wife???

We, Rakyat of Malaysia….. Anak Bangsa Malaysia…. certainly CANNOT!!





RPK sets Barisan Rakyat’s support to the 7 April By-elections

Attention Barisan Rakyat Bloggers and Special Bunch teams… the time has come again to mobilise…. get off your asses =]

Dear Comrades,

Since RPK’s self imposed exile from Selangor (read about it here, if you have just returned from outer space)… we will probably miss the great man at our regular Sunday PJ Vigils and Anak Bangsa Malaysia meetings for awhile.

The good news is that the 3 by-elections (Bukit Selambau in Kedah, Bukit Gantang in Perak, Batang AI in Sarawak) are outside Selangor =]

250309-haris-rpkdelcapo-bwHaris met with RPK earlier tonight to plot  frameworks and strategies for the Barisan Rakyat bloggers and ground teams to cover the by-elections.

From RPK & Co’s recent  road trips to Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selembau areas, and visits to Kuching/Batang Ai by other BR comrades.. RPK’s  thoughts:

  1. If possible, dedicated sections on the blogs  for each by elections, for ease of updating & reading.
  2. Batang Ai should be taken care of by our newly aquainted comrades  – the Sarawak Bloggers (check out Dayak Nation,, The Borken Shield, Letters from Batang Ai) over in Sarawak & their friends on the ground (some BR guys are also going over to help out)…. supported online by all our blogs to bring them coverage & traffic…. start picking up & linking to their postings.
  3. Bukit Gantang is a PAS seat & with Nizar as candidate, looks like a likely Pakatan Rakyat/PAS win. HOWEVER,  judging from the current & recent events surrounding the Perak constitutional crisis, and pre-elections mood on the ground…  an intense & ugly battle is anticipated…… Plenty of work  to be done… no complacency allowed. BR efforts will be concentrated here, based out of Taiping (with love, no less)
  4. Bukit Selembau looks to be messy…. with multiple independent candidates thrown in to complicate matters. BR team shall support and cover it based out of Taiping as well. We shall be working with PAS and Makkal Sakthi comrades.


The captain has spoken …. lets get organised….

May the FORCE be with all of us & all in Batang Ai, Bukit Gantang & Bukit Selembau.

Lets continue to return Malaysia back to the Rakyat!! PEOPLE POWER!!!


220309 Kuching – AI to Batang Ai **UPDATED**


The wait is over – AI picks Jawah for Batang AI.

Bawin will be Director of Election Operations for the campaign.

Hope Bawin’s team will throw their support behind the “Return Warrior” Jawah…. to bring Batang Ai N29 back to the people, to begin the new history of Sarawak politics.

PEOPLE POWER!!! Sarawak for Rakyat Sarawak!!

BR team with Jawah in his long house

BR team with Jawah in his long house


Breakfast meeting with the Dayak Bloggers downstairs in our hotel earlier… while anticipating the arrival of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim (AI) to head a PKR’s press conference for Bantang Ai N29 by elections.



Just after 10 am, The peaceful hotel lobby was soon filled with reporters, local PKR reps… including one of the PKR hopeful candidate for Batang Ai – Jawah Gerang (former 5-term MP for Lubok Antu) and his entourage.jawah-gang_s

AI arrived at just after 11am… smiles & handshakes with as many as he could… nod of acknowledgment to the BR bloggers relaxing at one corner… before going upstairs for a pre-press conference closed door meeting.


The other hopeful PKR candidate – Nicholas Bawin was also spotted in our

Everyone was looking for clues of which of the 2 will be announced as the one to wrestle Batang Ai seat from BN. Prior to his visit, word was that he make the announcement during a gathering at Jawah’s long house in Rh Lepang, Sayat, Lubok Antu tonight.

Just before midday, the press conference was over & Cobbold of Dayak Nation, who attended the meeting & PC, informed delCapo that AI had decided to make the announcement tomorrow before he leaves….

Anwar & a conv0y of cars left for Lombok Antu soon after…

So will it be another chance for Bawin or the return of Jawah?? tagem_sjawah_s

The anticipation continues…..

Whatever it is… for the sake of Batang Ai, Sarawak & PKR’s national ambition… we hope Team Tagem & Team Jawah will be united for the fight ahead…

AI in Batang Ai… hope he can make it work!.


Al Jazeera’s Fauzia roasted James Masing

Sarawak brothers & sisters… gotta do something for yourselves, man.

Someone should translate or put subtitles to these vids in Bahasa Malaysia, Iban & others…

Al Jazeera’s 3 parts interview.

Fauzia… delCapo only got one expression – grrrrrrrrrr……..


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