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They are NOT forgotten…

Reading about the Penangnite’s trip to visit Kemunting (welldone! I hope some KL groups will get their asses together soon)…. reading Zorro’s article about ISA families…. reading on Malaysiakini about how the ISA non-muslim detainees are fasting in solidarity with fellow muslin detainees….. mingling with the Hindraf anehs on saturday nite…. many many talks of how UNTIL we get the ISA detainees out of there,  we should do more for them when they are still in there….. delCapo feels them….

Them & Their families – They ARE NOT FORGOTTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Quote of D Day – Donald Lim

Check this out…..

i join deeP race... but no race

i join deeP race... but no race

MCA vice-president Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai wants Barisan Nasional to have just three component members in the peninsula — Umno, MIC and MCA. Lim, who announced yesterday that he would be vying for the deputy president post, said the MCA and Gerakan should merge.

“MCA should be prepared to adapt to changes. We should do away with race-based politics.”

Now… maybe delCapo is a little thick…. maybe due to a heavy weekend…. but Latok Don, I catch no ball your logic leh!?!?!?!

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Anti ISA vigil turned march – Malaysiakini says 2,000, delCapo felt it was 5,000

It could have been more, if Dataran Merderka was not sealed off by the police, if the crowds were not forced to disperse by their many “counts of 20 before we arrest you” (some of them couldn’t count!!! hahaha…. Zorro nearly decked him for disgrace, stupidity & rudeness… kekeke! u go big brother!), and if many on their bikes & cars did not turn around after seeing the initial crowd disperse & police presence!

Did we give up?? Fuck No!!! We conquered the NITE!!!

The bloggers gang were amongs the crowd…. Read Malaysiakini, the Dandelions & People’s Parliamant  for other reports…. great pix at The Nut Graph too!

Respect to most of the police force who showed up & did their job, but were restrained…. a few were even friendly with “minta maaf”s & shook our offered hands before we dispersed =]

Thank you to the drivers who honk! honk! in support….. those who honked to complain… thank you also for the accidental show of support!! hahahaha

Big respect to all those who showed up!! PEOPLE POWER!!!

Bigger respect to the Hindraf organisers and supporters!!! Disciplined in keeping the peace & making the march safe, but forceful in sending the message!!! Makal SAKHI!!! Hindraf Valga !!!!

shouts of !!! Mansuhkan ISA !!! Bebaskan RPK !!! RULED the streets….. choruses of “PEaceful Birthday, RPK” echoed d niteand into my sleep….

I’ll let the pix, videos speak for themselves…… MacDonald’s, Maybank, 7-eleven…. you can send my advertising cheques anytime…. hahahahahaha!!!

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Malaysiakini: Teresa Kok’s house attacked!!

This note was found together with the bombs….. fucken sick losers!










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Will Ku Li still contest?

Today’s “big” news is of course the fact that UMNO supreme council has posponed their AGM to March….

Despite all the cover up & politeness…. the bottomline is clear – these are the last days of AABzzz as PM…

He can fumble & cover all he wants… his 2010 transition plan has been thrown to feed the fishes…. any other country, this is the end…. but then this is UMNO…. it takes a little longer lah…. his so-called integrity & dignity to be preserved (honestly, what fucken dignity & integrity are we talking about???? nevermind….)

So…Najib has a supposingly clear path to UMNO presidency, most probably with Muhyiddin as deputy…. & what he envision would Prime Minister of Malaysia ….. or, does he??

delCapo has a few obvious questions:

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quote of d Day 2!! – KJ

ahhh if it’s not our favourite self proclaimed future prime minister, current richest jobless man – the SIL!

he was quoted in a starting to get on my nerve  semi-propoganda machine the malaysian insider:

Khairy also claims sabotage

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Quote of D Day – T. Murugiah

Wah seh…. someone, anyone, giving Botak a kick/punch deserves an award…. no matter sho/when/how/where!

T. Murugiah told Botak “It’s MY BUSINESS!!!” - the star

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Malaysia Armed Forces discriminates tattoo…

Was reading an article on Malaysiakini (full article pasted below)

The fact that this article is even surfacing… the fact that Sadia Presedent has to release a statement…. is just sad…. sad & bloody embarrasing!!

Do we have to remind OURSELVES of certain part of our OWN country’s culture & heritage?? Or does the Armed Forces have no fucken respect for certain cultures, even though they are serving the country??

It’s not as if Iban’s tattoo is new or very remotely known…. IT”S WORLD FAMOUS ART!! Just google it!…. or click here…Check out the number of international sites & information about it….  i’ve got many friends, local & overseas, who identify Iban & Borneo Tattoos as a Malaysian ICON!

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Hang in there RPK & Mdm Marina…. hang in there…

RPK is now held, on Botak’s orders at Kemunting

Marina & family paid our hero a visit yesterday…. the journey was not easy…. the meeting itself must have been even worst…. read all about it here


My first reaction was to run and give him a real big hug and kiss, at the same time my heart feeling so heavy seeing this hero of mine on the other side. Pet was sitting down and wearing white prison clothes. He has lost weight, looked very pale probably not seeing sunlight for almost 2 weeks now, his beard and hair growing longer.

At that point I had tears in my eyes but was trying really hard holding back my tears. I really did not want him to see me cry that would only make it really hard for him. I reached out to hold and rub his hands and did not let go for a minute. He was glad to see us because the last time we saw him was 8 days ago at Bukit Aman.

godammit!!! that’s like fucken heart wrenching!!! No good couples like RPK & Marina should have to go through this shit…

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dear new finance minister petrol/diesel price- part3

17 Sep Part I  - delCapo gave you graphs & analysis & also what our love-hated southern nieghbours are doing…. basically a dynamic pump prices which react to global crude oil prices…. we were hoping our new Finance Minister can read.

22 Sep Part II – delCapo revisited the call for lowering of pump prices…. no need a clever system yet lah…. just lower it to with correspond to current Global prices

24 Sep 09 – TAADAA!!!! Finance Minstry lowers Pump price!!…. by a whopping, hari raya pocket saving, inflation killing 10 SENS!!!!!!!!!!!! for petrol….

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